Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some 90s Slang

In retrospect, all slang seems outdated and it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of hype and celebrity endorsement of certain words and expressions and abandon your principles of not sounding like an idiot.
Don't even try to deny it. You used these phrases, or you witnessed them being used and didn't do anything to stop it. You thought you were cool, admit it.


Remember this old phrase? How could you forget it really!

Definition: How are you? What's new?

It went global in 1999 with the Budweiser ad..

As If!

This came about after the movie Clueless...I used to say this alot just to be cheeky haha

Definition: Ugh, as if.


Probably came about from watching too many episodes of the Simpsons!

Definition: "Did you clean your room?" "Duh!"

My Bad.

Ha I still say this! Again it came from the brilliant movie Clueless when Cher nearly knocks over a cyclist with her white Jeep.

Definition: Admission of a mistake. "Oops, my bad!"

Psyche! (Not!)

This one got particularly annoying!

Definition: It was a 'fake-out'. So you make a statement, eg. "Hey Michelle I love your dress" and then you retract said statement by shouting "Psyche!" or more commonly I rememeber "Not!".
All very childish really!
Though it was funny with high 5s I'll admit.

Talk to the Hand!

OMG I think this defines my childhood; looking backing I probably said it like a million times a day...too much anyway.

Definition: A pretty straight-forward form of avoidance. If someone you don't want to talk to talks to you (or like me you just wanted to annoy EVERYONE) then you simply said, "Talk to the Hand!"
Other variations went on to include, "Talk to the hand 'cos the face ain't listening!"

You Go, Girl!

This one probably came about around the time of the Spice Girls; female empowerment and all that.

Definition: Lets put it this way, "You Go Girl!" was to feminism, as "Going Green!" is to environmentalism.

Take a Chill Pill

What the hell is a chill pill anyway? Who comes up with these?

Definition: It was mostly used by kids and teenagers at their parents; basically if their parents are 'bossing them around' they would say this line effectively telling the parents that they need to calm down. Clever.

None of your beeswax

Not sure where this one came from, but it was used quite alot.

Definition: If you felt someone was being 'nosey' you could just use this line and you're sorted!

Save the Drama for your Mama

Not sure where exactly it originated.

Definition: Saying this will tell whoever you said it to, to basically stop complaining or giving out, to essentially "Save their Drama for their Mama". Good one, eh?

Well hope you enjoyed my list of catchphrases from the 90s!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

90s Party Playlist

Well I thought I'd throw up a few of the 90s big hits! There was a big pop/dance craze then so alot of the songs were aimed at getting us to dance. Enjoy!

Ice Ice Baby-Vanilla Ice

What is Love?- Haddaway

Can't Touch This- MC Hammer

This is how we do it- Montell Jordan (Ok, I've been watching Glee alot recently and they had this but I like the song alot actually!)

Will Smith- Getting Jiggy With It

C&C Music Factory- Everybody Dance Now

Vengaboys- We Like to Party

And my personal favourite- Aqua- Barbie Girl